Welcome to the Garden of Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey lies cozily embedded amidst a thousand years old palm trees and is surrounded by banana plantations. 70 years ago, two sisters, Concha and Mariquilla, established the first guesthouse and called it “La Fonda”. These two enterprising women were able to look beyond the boundaries of the narrow valley and, at an early stage, already had a vision of what was later to become an efficient family business. Their first guests were so-called business travellers, i.e. merchants who occasionally looked for lodging. Then came the teachers of the village school named Juan Rejón, and among them Don Salvador, who decided to stay and spend his final days in room number 5. Thanks to its natural beauty, its views and its terrace, from where you can marvel at the banana plantations, the orchards, the mountains, and the spectacular sunsets, this location, where the guesthouse once had been established, boasts a preferred spot today.